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Allparts Pink Paisley Telecaster Body

TBF-PKP - Allparts Pink Paisley Telecaster Body

Hello friends!  We know you love new parts so we’ve brought quite a bit of them to you this time around – far too many to post the details on all of them.  Instead, we’ll provide a brief rundown of some of the more exciting and anticipated parts.  This is mostly a summation of the last several posts we’ve made announcing new parts – along with some additions.  The full lineup of new guitar, bass, and amplifier parts for 2012 can be found on Allparts’ New Products section.


We’ve added three bodies to our regular inventory stock. The first is, at the time of this writing, already sold out. Take at look at TBF-PKP – our new pink paisley finished Telecaster body. Pretty cool, yes? Also available are two new unfinished Ash bodies – SBAO-NPO and TBAO-NPO – “neck pocket only” non-routed Stratocaster and Telecaster bodies.

While we have your attention on bodies, go check out our 2nd quality guitar and bass bodies while they last.

Various Knobs

In the same way our shotgun shell guitar knobs saw big sales upon release last year, our new heavy knurl barrel knobs have been seeing the same success since we launched them 2 months ago. Check out part MK-0112 on to see what’s got everyone so excited. The knobs have even gained favor with the relic and aging community, as seen in our recent post featuring these reliced heavy knurl knobs.

We also have new silver and gold glitter dice knobs and chrome and gold Marshall knobs. Find them all in our New Products listing.

PK-3298-010 - Marshall knobs

Amp Hardware

We had previously announced the a new Amp Hardware product line (with product code prefix AH) and we’ve already added to it.  Along with jack plates and speaker plates for your amp we’ve added several parts, such as caster wheel sets and assorted cabinet piping, to help you restore your amp to the look and functionality it had before you started hauling it around in trucks.  You’ll want to keep an eye on this category of parts because we will be adding to it steadily throughout the year.

Bone Nuts and Saddles

Many additions have been made to our already large selection of bone nuts and saddles. They include slotted nuts for Precision Bass and Jazz Bass, BN-2350 and BN-2351 respectively, and a new part number suffixes -0U0 denoting unbleached bone and -00Y for resonant plastic. The result is a wide selection of various bone and synthetic materials for most popular Fender and Gibson guitars. Check out our new products section to see these in once place.

Bridge Pins

We wrote about this a while back too, but we’ve added more pins since then. Head to the New Parts section on to see them all.

Auricap and Black Bee Capacitors

We wrote about Auricaps and Black Bees a few months ago too, so we hope you’ve been following the Allparts Blog to get the scoop on parts as soon as they hit the shelves. Check out these stellar new products on today.

Black Bee Oil Paper Capacitors

Black Bee Oil Paper Capacitors


Allparts is now your stop for must-have tools that you’ll wonder how you got along without. These include our already popular knob puller tool, tapered reamer, soldering station, digital calipers, and more. Visit our list of new parts to find a tool that will make your life easier.

New Bulk Parts

You ask and we listen. In response to customer feedback, we’ve created bulk packs for more of your favorite and frequently-purchased guitar and bass parts. New additions include bulk packs of 4-way Oak Grigsby switches, push-pull pots, and more. Visit the new products section to see what’s… new!

Much More…

Like we said, there’s just too much to list. Head over to and check out the new parts list to see everything we didn’t mention – like new pickups, short Telecaster bridges, Epiphone and ES-335 wiring kits, bridges, Wilkinson-style trems, high-purity wire, screws, neck accessories, and a guitar case.

One of our most well-received new products has been our MK-0112 series of heavy knurled barrel knobs in nickel, gold, and chrome.

Allparts MK-0112-001 Nickel Knob

Allparts MK-0112-001 nickel knob - nice and new.

Of course, we’re always pleased to see a product embraced by parts professionals and players, but we’re also excited to see people getting creative with our parts. A customer recently shipped us a sample of some of these knobs that we just love, but we’re not sure what to call them. Reliced, aged, modifed, improved… you can be the judge.

Allparts MK-0112 heavy knurl knob - altered at home.

Allparts MK-0112 heavy knurl knob - altered and aged at home.

One thing is for certain though – even though we stock thousands of parts that allow for countless ways to customize or rebuild your rig, there are always people who think outside the box and whose creativity provides us all with unique and beautiful parts.

Many thanks to our customer, whose work should be available in limited amounts on eBay very soon.

Hello friends – we have a special treat (or is it a trick?) for you this Halloween!

Buy a set of Tuning Keys on and you might receive a set of 6 creepy Black Skull tuning key buttons along with your order – for free, of course.

This offer is only good through Halloween, or while supplies last.  This treat is randomly awarded to tuning key buyers who place orders on our website, so head over to and find that perfect set of tuners for your new build or repair.

While you’re at it, check out our just-added Gotoh R-Type tuners in our Sale and Closeout section.

We don’t advise putting skull buttons on Gotoh tuners though – that would be too scary, even for Halloween!

Allparts Black Skull Buttons

Allparts Black Skull Buttons

Gotoh R-Type Tuners

Gotoh R-Type Tuners